We went on our first fieldtrip!

It was called [take a deep breath] the Ethnobotanical and Mycological Playshop Extravaganza. 

The weekend workshop with marc williams and Mycol Stevens was held at The Hostel in the Forest May 22-24, 2015.


Photo of the Playshop group by Eric Christianson

About Our Teachers:

marc runs Botany Everyday (an online, donation-based botany class) and Plants and Healers International (a non-profit organization  dedicated to carrying on the work and legacy of influential ethnobotanist Frank Cook).

Mycol is called an “environmental superhero” by Sybil St. Claire her article about him in Twisted South. His background in environmental engineering and aquatic ecology comes to life at Finca Mycol – an off-the-grid, ecocentric permaculture homestead in Florida.

About Our Lessons:

The weekend included multiple outdoor plant-walks from forest to lake to seaside interspersed with indoor classroom lessons at the Hostel’s geodesic-dome library/music room on beginners botany and mycology.

marc mentioned that though the language of botany and mycology is at first formidable, let the knowledge be like a wave that washes over us, and just take what sticks. The waves will keep coming. And they do.

About Our Food:

If you’re curious about some of the specific plants we covered, marc’s apprentice Hayden wrote about the local foraged food preparation on Plants and Healers International.

In Summary:

Plants, mushrooms, knowledge, play, the best teachers and the best companions – all together these components made for a memorable weekend and first fieldtrip for Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild.