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An Herbal Evening with Mary Bove, Naturopathic Physician

Join us for Naturopath Mary Bove’s Lecture Tuesday September 26th at The Coastal Georgia Center. Look forward to see you there.



Savannah Food Day – Presented by Well Fed Magazine

We are so happy that our local chapter of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) has the opportunity to represent the tradition of herbal medicine in Savannah, GA during the largest Food Day event in the nation organized by Well Fed Magazine – #savannahfoodday !!!

Read on to learn about our Fire-Cider Making Workshop, our Food Day Booth and our chapter of the American Herbalists Guild.

Fire Cider-Making Workshop

FireciderFire Cider is herbal medicine tradition’s easy-to-make immune-boosting drink: it strengthens and fortifies your body’s OWN natural defenses.

Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild is presenting a FREE fire cider-making workshop at Food Day in Savannah (10/24) at 1pm.

Come on by!

If you missed the workshop, follow us on Facebook – we’ll be posting the recipe soon!



Our Food Day Booth

The Food Day Booth for Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild was put together by volunteering local herbnerds who love connecting plants and people.


On display for our community, we’ve got…

…books for y’all to learn more about the tradition and practice of herbal medicine…



…locally harvested handmade herbal jam…



…taste-tasters of many herbal tinctures (Tinctures are alcohol-based extractions of medicinal plants)…


Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 11.03.04 AM

…locally cultivated American Skullcap seedlings (Scutellaria laterifloria, Lamiaceae) for y’all to support yourselves and grow in your gardens…


What Is Savannah Food Day?

Savannah Food Day is a day-long community event organized by Well Fed Savannah, a free monthly publication featuring (in their own words) stories that foster sustainable living in Savannah. People gather to celebrate sustainable living as it relates to food.

The impressive turnout for #savannahfoodday represents the growing interest in the lowcountry of making our community a shining example of transformed food consciousness and greater health.


About Our Local American Herbalists Guild (AHG) Chapter

We are thrilled to have been interviewed for the October issue of Well Fed Magazine. You can read a PDF of the article (featuring VIRIDITAS – the healing power of green things) here.

Georgia’s Lowcountry Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild is the newest of the American Herbalists Guild’s (AHG) 19 local chapters across the country. AHG is a national non-profit organization of professional herbalists that welcomes folks from all levels who are interested in the tradition of herbal medicine.

There were about 500 new AHG members this year (compared to about 60 last year). Check out to learn more and don’t forget to sign up for our emails to learn more about community events in the Lowcountry.